Product Spotlight - Introduction of the Bell Plate

SOUNDINGS: Symposium & New Bell Plates

Although we were thrilled to share Malmark's new Pedal Cajon, Burma Bells and other products with our international customers the biggest excitement for us was introducing Malmark's newest innovative product: The Bell Plate. Not only is this a new product line for Malmark which will enhance music range and sound for ensembles but it was inspiration for Tim Schuback to present a very unique item for the HIS auction benefiting the First Nations people: a C2 Bell Plate with a one-of-a-kind sublimated image.

The picture on the Bell Plate was a photograph taken by the spouse of IHS Co-Chair, Anne Hill, in the land of the First Nations people. The sublimation process allows a unique image to become a part of the metal of the bell plate; it is not a separate layer and was done specially for the auction.

Malmark is very pleased with the interest in our new Bell Plates and with the enthusiasm for the auctioned Bell Plate at Symposium. The auctioning of the Bell Plate was a very lively event with some serious competition going right up to the end! It was exciting for Shelly Hartman, a member of Resounding Grace adult bell choir from Grace Lutheran Church, Des Moines, WA as the final winning bidder! Shelly was attending IHS with her bell choir, directed by Marlene Anderson.

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