Meet Marlene Anderson

Marlene and Wes Anderson are "Hooked on Handbells" ®

Marlene M. Anderson has served as a professional musician in Church Music Ministry for 50+ years in Montana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Georgia. Marlene is a consummate and energetic music educator who loves inspiring children, youth and adults to share her passion for bells well rung. She has served the Handbell Musicians of America (formerly AGEHR) at the state, area, and national level in several capacities. While serving on the National Board as its first Membership Chair, Marlene identified 3 immediate areas of need, Schools, Faith Communities, and the Special Needs Population. Under Marlene's leadership, three major Sub-Committees were established to begin implementing ideas for:

  1. Handbell Education in Public and Private School - to improve communication, award National Recognition for Exemplary Handbell Programs, and Curriculum Development for all levels of education and publication thereof. 
  2. Communities of Faith, particularly our Catholic friends were encouraged to communicate with each other as to what works and what doesn't within their particular congregations. We will work to facilitate interaction between all the various Communities of Faith. 
  3. Special Needs Population – develop interaction/connection/identification with schools dealing with special needs students and handbells and eventually publish the various curriculums used in this field as well as invite them to be special guests at Seminars. 

Development of the first National Mentorship Program as well as offering Logo T-Shirts and other items available for purchase through the Guild Store were pet projects of her term as Membership Chair. While planning numerous Seminars and a Symposium, Marlene developed the charting system we all use today to tell us what is being held where and when at any given moment at a conference.

Marlene's all-time favorite activity is giving her workshops entitled "Hooked on Handbells" for any choir that requests her services. The workshops are specifically designed to meet the needs of that particular choir. These workshops have always had a special meaning for Marlene because back in the early days of handbells there were no workshops available at the local level. When AGEHR announced it's very first Director's Seminar, Marlene was very quick to register. One of her favorite memories is the terror of ringing with Bill Griffin on one side of her and Cynthia Dobrinski on the other side. Marlene has missed very few Seminars over the years and planned more than a few as well.

Marlene (and her husband Wes) are honored to represent Malmark for the states of Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Wes is the maintenance guru of this dynamic duo. He has had years of fixing most anything on the family ranch in Montana. Wes is a retired Lt Col of the US Air Force, and is also a retired Captain from Delta Airlines. Both Wes and Marlene are very social people who enjoy meeting their clients and providing support for them.

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